Welcome to the home of Construction Energy Jamaica. We specialize in Solar Energy Systems, General Construction and Prefabricated Building Construction.  Our  Prefabricated Buildings are quickly assembled, cost-effective, durable, fireproof stand up to any weather conditions… hurricanes, earthquakes etc.

Solar AC units require almost no power input from Jamaica Public Service (JPS). These are modified inverter type systems comprising of ac units, grid tie inverter, and solar panels. These are ideal for home or personal use and small and large businesses.

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We provide and install Complete Solar Energy Systems for your home and business. We sell and install Solar water heaters, Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and much more.  We also specialize in General Building Construction, Pre-fabricated Construction, repair of leaking Slab Roofs and other general construction jobs. It does not matter where you are – Portland or Negril, The Bahamas or the Caribbean, we’ll be happy to work for you.