Why should I switch to solar energy?

It provides clean energy using natural sun light.

Why am I hearing more and more about Energy?

Simply put…It is the way to go.

How does solar energy help me save money?

If you put in a complete solar panel system, you can save yourself the next 35 years of energy bill..

What kind of materials are used in the solar services you offer?

Solar panels , wind turbines , batteries, inverter, vacuum tubes etc.

How long do your solar panels take to be installed?

Installation depends on the size of your system.  In most cases it is less than a week.

What area do you service?

Island wide within Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Is financing available for this service?

Yes, we do have financing available for this service.

Do you have any miscellaneous information that I might want to know?

With the rising cost electricity bill you need solar Energy to save you money.  Once you experience the power of solar, there is no turning back.


Prefabricated Building FAQs

Is a Prefabricated building “just a cheap, flimsy, poorly constructed building”?

NO, prefabricated buildings appears far from being cheap.

What does a Prefabricated building look like?

Prefabricated Buildings looks just a tradition concrete building.

Why am I hearing more and more about Prefabricated building?

It’s the most modern and affordable type building.

What is the difference between the term “Manufacture Home” a “Prefabricated building”?

Manufacture homes are constructed on site  prefabricated buildings are built in the factory and assemble on site.

How does the construction process for Prefabricated buildings differ from site-built homes?

Most of the fabrication take place in the factory .The materials are then taken to the site and assembled in a fairly quick time.

What kind of construction is used in Prefabricated buildings?

ANS. We provide various type of prefabricated buildings including  steel and foam and concrete.

How does a Prefabricated buildings save time in the construction process?

It is prebuilt in the factory so it is quick assembled on site.  This saves you thousands in construction labour cost.

How does a Prefabricated building save on cost?

Prefabricated building materials take less man power to assemble a unit.  At the end, you will boast a safe and affordable building due to low cost of material.

What area do you service?

We serve island wide within Jamaica & the Caribbean

Is financing a Prefabricated building a problem?

Financing is not available at this time.

How long does it take to build a Prefabricated building?

Depends on the size.  We can finish a building in less than 4 weeks

Do you have any miscellaneous information that I might want to know?

Prefabricated building stand up to any weather condition, hurricanes, earthquakes included.  It is approved by the Bureau of Standards.  Prefabricated building is fire resistant, quick to assemble and most importantly, save time and money