Prefabricated Building

prefab from cooglePrefabricated building globally has been witnessing high demand for a variety of reasons. In Jamaica, prefabricated buildings are now seen as the way to go with the low costs involved. 

With the increasing costs of conventional building materials, the idea of constructing or expanding into a residential or commercial area is becoming increasingly difficult and as such individuals seek cost effective mechanisms to undertake construction.  Individuals have also demanded prefabricated buildings for other reasons, ranging from environmentally friendly to significantly reduced construction time. With this in mind, Construction Energy has sought to capitalize on this lucrative market opportunity in Jamaica. With the wealth of experience and technical knowledge of the industry, construction energy have decided to provide affordability to those who would have otherwise missed out on the chance of owning their own home.

There has been an increased in the usage of prefabricated materials for residential, industrial and commercial building as observed in the domestic construction industry and to larger extent in regional markets. While there are local contractors who have been using variants of prefabricated materials that are heavy weight and more expensive. 

Construction Energy will instead use imported lightweight and more cost effective materials to enable quicker construction time.   This structure is lightweight and excellent in heat and sound insulation. It is considered to be more durable and has improved functionality over other building materials.

Here Are Two Systems That Construction Energy Specializes In

System One – Light Cement Panel

System one light panel

 Available in 2 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms etc.

Materials: Lightweight foamed concrete panels for

walls and many options for roofing system.

Structures: Steel

Features: Lightweight and excellent in heat and sound insulation.

Longer lifetime and more workable solutions than any other building materials.

Cost: Available upon request.




System Two – sandwich Panel


Available in any size and shape

Materials: Light gauged galvanized steel structure for full skeleton.

Structures: All galvanized light gauged steel.

Features: Quick and easy to install.  Anti-rust, good

insulation from heat and sound.

Cost: Available upon request.



We specialize in all different types of roofs: PVC roofing, Fiber Glass Shingles and others.  Our roofs are not only beautifully designed but they are:

Durable, Fire proofCost effectiveEasily assembledKeeps building cool and ventilated.


Call us to know about our wide array of commercial buildings for:

SchoolsWarehousesChurchesHospitalsHealth CentersRecreational HallsTemporary accommodations Disaster relief projectsOffices and much more.